SynonimRejestratorRokObecna nazwa
Phalaenopsis acutifolia Linden 1886 Phalaenopsis sumatrana
Phalaenopsis alboviolacea Ridl. 1893 Phalaenopsis deliciosa subsp./var.
Phalaenopsis alcicornis Rchb.f. 1887 Phalaenopsis sanderiana subsp./var.
Phalaenopsis ambigua Rchb.f 1862 Phalaenopsis aphrodite
Phalaenopsis amethystina Rchb.f 1865 Phalaenopsis deliciosa subsp./var.
Phalaenopsis antennifera Rchb.f 1879 Phalaenopsis pulcherrima
Phalaenopsis babuyana Miwa 1941 Phalaenopsis aphrodite
Phalaenopsis barrti King ex J. D. Hooker 1895 Phalaenopsis tetraspis
Phalaenopsis bella Teijsm & Binn. 1862 Phalaenopsis deliciosa subsp.
Phalaenopsis boxallii Rchb.f. 1883 Phalaenopsis mannii
Phalaenopsis celebica Vlooten 1932 Phalaenopsis amabilis
Phalaenopsis chuxiongensis F.Y.Liu 1996 Phalaenopsis hainanensis
Phalaenopsis cruciata Schltr. 1910 Phalaenopsis maculata
Phalaenopsis cumingiana Rchb. f. 1881 Phalaenopsis corningiana
Phalaenopsis curnowiana Hort. 1891 Phalaenopsis schilleriana subsp./var.
Phalaenopsis deceptrix Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi
Phalaenopsis decumbens Phalaenopsis deliciosa subsp.
Phalaenopsis deltonii Phalaenopsis bastianii
Phalaenopsis denisiana Phalaenopsis fuscata
Phalaenopsis denticulata Phalaenopsis pallens
Phalaenopsis devriesiana Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi
Phalaenopsis erubescens Phalaenopsis aphrodite
Phalaenopsis esmeralda Phalaenopsis pulcherrima
Phalaenopsis foerstermanii Phalaenopsis pallens
Phalaenopsis forbesii Phalaenopsis viridis
Phalaenopsis formosa Phalaenopsis aphrodite
Phalaenopsis formosana Phalaenopsis aphrodite
Phalaenopsis formosum Phalaenopsis aphrodite
Phalaenopsis gloriosa Phalaenopsis amabilis subsp.
Phalaenopsis grandiflora Phalaenopsis amabilis subsp.
Phalaenopsis hebe Phalaenopsis deliciosa subsp.
Phalaenopsis hombronii Phalaenopsis amboinensis
Phalaenopsis imperati Phalaenopsis speciosa subsp./var.
Phalaenopsis kimballiana Phalaenopsis reichenbachiana
Phalaenopsis latisepala Phalaenopsis javanica
Phalaenopsis listeri Phalaenopsis lobbii
Phalaenopsis mastersii Phalaenopsis pulcherrima
Phalaenopsis muscicola Phalaenopsis maculata
Phalaenopsis ochracea Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana subsp./var.
Phalaenopsis paucivittata Phalaenopsis sumatrana
Phalaenopsis petelotii Phalaenopsis gibbosa
Phalaenopsis proboscidioides Phalaenopsis lowii
Phalaenopsis psilantha Phalaenopsis amboinensis
Phalaenopsis rimestadiana Phalaenopsis amabilis
Phalaenopsis riteiwanensis Phalaenopsis equestris
Phalaenopsis rosea Phalaenopsis equestris
Phalaenopsis rosenstromii Phalaenopsis amabilis subsp.
Phalaenopsis sinensis Phalaenopsis inscriptiosinensis
Phalaenopsis thalebanii Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi f.
Phalaenopsis wightii var. stobartiana Phalaenopsis stobartiana
Phalaenopsis wightii Phalaenopsis deliciosa subsp.

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